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In March we will be participating in Toluca's regional competition. Our team, along with your help, will be doing exceptional in our freshmen year as a First Robotics Competition Team. There is no doubt we are here to leave our mark.

Our Mission

VALUES in Action


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​​​Our team: 


Internet whiz kid and director of outreach.

The future is now! StingBots is a great opportunity to become involved in a life changing experience. Without a doubt a great hands-on means to enter technological & business areas. Companies and businesses are welcome to support and become sponsors. 

  • Humanitarian and real-world engineering experience.
  • PromotingSTEM within our high-school & elementary schools.
  • Inspire passion to innovate.

Locally, nationally, and internationally StingBots is working to promote as many values as possible; such as leadership, partnership, teamwork, competitiveness, and responsibility. Not only that, we are also promoting STEM areas among children.

  • Team-building activities. 
  • Encourage international competitiveness. 
  • Discipline brings out the best in us.
  • Spreadthe faith of creating a better world.

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